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Greenspeed CITRO NET Concentrated washing-up liquid 5L

Greenspeed CITRO NET Concentrated washing-up liquid 5L

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Citro Net is a concentrated ecological hand washing-up liquid for professional use.

- Effective cleaning of all dishes, crockery, cutlery and glassware.

- Neutral pH.

- Citrus perfume.

- Gentle to the skin.

The neutral pH ensures good skin compatibility.

The detergents ensure thorough degreasing and rapid breakdown of dried and baked-on dirt.

This product can be used for hand washing of pots, pans, plates, glasses, and all washable kitchen utensils.


Add 4 ml of Citro Net (1 squirt or 1 pump stroke) to 5L of warm water. Wash the dishes by hand. Allow heavily soiled items to soak for a while and then clean them using a Sponge Scourer or brush. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry.

Citro Net is free from chlorine compounds, other halogen compounds, and petroleum based surfactants. All surfactants used in these products originate from vegetable sources. All ingredients of non-mineral origin are fully biodegradable.

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