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Freestanding Dispensers Push Type  Dispenser

Freestanding Dispensers Push Type Dispenser

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Sanitisation Stand is a single sided sanitisation station where people can go to clean their hands before work.

Fully customization graphics to all for branding.
Ideal for receptions, office, retail outlets,shopping centers and schools , churches
we have several dispensers that can be used with our Sanitisation Stand.
-Multiple access points allowing distances to be kept.
-Hands free dispensers reduce risk of spread of bacteria and viruses.
-Easy to clean with microfiber cloths.
-Clearly Visible.
-Maintains Company Branding  
-R11 Rated floor Laminate used on base.
-Easily clean antimicrobial front of stand.
Height 1200mm
Width 450mm
Depth 600mm
5-7 Days delivery prior to logo design proof.
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